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Our Vision

Investezee has been founded with the mission of spreading financial literacy.

       We  believe that a customized solution tailored to financial as well as behavioural aspects and personality traits, has a  better chance at helping the investors achieve their goals. We have been carrying out extensive research about the happenings in the financial markets and with the developed understanding over all these years we aim to provide investors with updated research and news in simplified manner via regular articles and webinars.

We spend substantial time to understand your unique requirements and provide customised guidance. Over time our aim is to educate investors in the nuances of investing so as to make it an even more fulfilling journey.

      We are always available to answer your queries and help you stay the course. Our webinars cover different topics like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, crypto currencies. We work with a diverse set of investors  who may be just starting on their investment journey or  the more sophisticated investors who are looking to add an edge to their already sound methodologies.

      Our team has people with decades of experience in their chosen domain within finance itself and their singular aim is to help you achieve your objectives!


Anshuman Jhunjhunwala 

  • LinkedIn

Professional Trader | Entrepreneur | CoFounder Fintalytics LLP


Paluck Agarwal CFA

  • LinkedIn

Professional Investor | Entrepreneur | 

CFA coach & Mentor | CoFounder Fintalytics LLP

Meet The Team

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