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Be your own portfolio manager

The Course has the following topics and milestones which need to be followed in order to gain mastery of the topics that one is looking to attain in this. 

Topics Covered in Detail

Origin and History of technical analysis

When did the Technical Analysis start as a formal discipline


How did technical analysis evolve into a field of study to understand and predict the movement of the various financial instruments

The fundamental principles of technical analysis

History repeats itself 

The mass psychology representing itself in similar Patterns over and over again

The supply and demand dynamics that influence key levels and result in pattern formation

Understanding how support and resistance are formed and learn how to identify the key levels much in advance. Predicting the levels from where the markets can reverse.

Using the patterns to predict the path of least resistance for the stock price movement

How the patterns tell us about he path that the stocks are likely to take and how we can act to keep our profits intact and also benefit from the knowledge in advance

How to ride the trend

Benefit from the multi-year trends and learn how to enter them the right time with favourable risk reward ratio

More Continuation patterns

Learn about the patterns which form when the markets are moving in a particular direction and how you can identify them and learn when to enter the market which least possible risk and increase your returns

Momentum oscillators

Using the speed of change of the prices to understand the market movements and the underlying strength or weakness

The final investment strategy for you

Learn the final investment strategy that you can apply for your own investments and how you can fine-tune it for better performance

What is technical analysis?

Definition of technical analysis and what does the field of study contain.


Myths vs Facts

The Dow theory

The earliest theory related to the understanding of the major stock market averages.


Learning how to identify a Bull market versus a Bear Market

Classical patterns and their anatomy

Understanding the various patterns and learning how to predict the target, set a stop loss and define precise entry points

Trends and sideways markets

Learn how to understand the market direction and decide when we should be invested and when we should wait on the sidelines

More Reversal patterns

Learn about the different types of reversal patterns which enable one to identify the turning points in the market and benefit from them

Moving averages and trendlines

How to use the averages to identify trends and give us an overview of the market.

Combining the patterns and moving averages

Combining the knowledge that we have gained so far in one comprehensive body to be able to apply in our investment decisions


Live Trading

Live Trading Labs to re-inforce the ideas and concepts learnt in the videos


Get the recordings of the live sessions 

for your reference later on 


Back-testing ideas to check how they

compare in the real world


1 on 1 sessions to clear the concepts so that you are not left wondering about the complex topics

Training Features

80+ hrs of live interactive classes

Batch size less than 10 students

Access to the discord community

Live trading labs included

Access To recorded Sessions

Pay in EMI using Credit Cards

1 on 1 doubt solving 

faculty with more than 12 years experience

Financial Graphs

Get A Taste 

Join the free online course to get a taste of the teaching style.

Your Instructor 

Anshuman Jhunjhunwala has more than 11 years of experience in trading and investing across the various markets like Forex, commodities and Equities. He has been training people in trading for the last 5 years and has helped several people to be able to manage their own investments better and become good at picking their own investments based on their risk appetite. 

He completed his engineering from R.V. College of Engineering in Bangalore and then completed all the 3 levels of the Chartered Market Technician exams conducted by the CMT association USA. 

Ankit Image.jpg

Ankit Grover , Founder Digital Works

I'd recommend Investezee at the drop of a hat to anyone that asks me how and where they can get investment advice or even learn how to invest or trade.
Anshuman is extremely hands on and curates his approach based on each individual's requirement. I've never seen this before. More than this from all the training sessions and webinars I've attended elsewhere none have been as much fun to be a part off.
Kudos to the team at Investezee, they made me fall in love with investing. Great team. Great community.

Harsh Bhate.jpg

Harsh Bhate,Current Designation

Have done technical analysis workshop with Anshuman. It was very in-depth knowledge giving workshop and it helped me very well to sharpen my skills not only this much after 6 months of completion still each single doubt is resolved and got feedback on how more it can be improved. Thanks Anshuman.

Anil Image.jpg

Anil Nayak


The knowledge imparted by Anshuman is very simple, practical and to the point. Contents have excellent quality, with great value & absolute professionalism and most importantly, he is dependable and responsive.
Highly recommended.


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