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Cement stocks are breaking out to all time highs and a couple of stocks to watch out for are posted

Ultratech Cement

The stock is breaking out after a long consolidation. Its a consolidation that has lasted for several years and generally when such a breakout occurs we get a period of pretty good trend and that is to be expected here too.

Also keeping in mind that this is a large cap stock we can expect the other stock in the midcap and the small cap space to do well too.

India Cement

Another cement stock which has shown very good momentum today and is trading above key support level. The chart is posted below

Notice the volume on the recent candle, it shows that the buyers are dominating the counter. Trading above a key support level gives the market some much needed floor and the next resistance is only at the 220. Till them we could some minor corrections but the stock remains firmly in the bull territory.

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