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Personalised Investment Solutions with absolute flexibility and DIY enabled


In fact we follow the same approach with our own investments

Three Tenets of Successful Investing
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Learn the key aspects of successful investing. Our courses and webinars focus on financial theories and behavior aspects as well to equip you to deal with the financial jungle.

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We share relevant insights and help you make better  decisions by demystifying the complex research reports so you can learn as well as grow your wealth over the long term. 

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Maintaining discipline is the key when it comes to financial markets to achieve success. Get help with your portfolio and the investment decision on the go using a Video Webinar

"Investezee made the entire process of opening an account selecting the funds an investing in the same a seamless experience. Unlike the other platforms here there is a real human who understands your needs and helps you through the process. They do a video conference to understand your requirement and then provide an end to end service. The response to e-mail queries are quite prompt and their regular webinars keep me updated. I could not recommend it enough."

- Dr Neena Agarwal (Gynaecologist)

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Investezee has been founded with one mission - make investing simple.

Our team has people with decades of experience in their chosen domain within finance and their singular aim is to help you achieve your investment objectives!


Investezee is founded by Anshuman K Jhunjhunwala and Paluck Agarwal CFA with a vision of demystifying finance and investment for every individual. Both are professional investors and bring different perspectives of the investment process.

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Consolidate and Manage all your Investments across different Asset Classes from one single account.

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Get access to all the investment reports at your fingertips.

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